Welcome to Aviation Training

This is a site with a difference. Here at  we plan to bring you some up to date and powerful news related to the aviation and aeronautical industries in South Africa.

Due to popular demand we at aviation training have now added a “QUOTE” form on our page. This quote form will allow people finding our site to submit requests for:

Pilots liscence
Aviation training
Helicopter pilot liscence
Flight schools
Flying lessons

We will then source the best schools and offers availble for you and come back to you with costings and quotes. This is a first for the aviation industry in South Africa and we certainly hope that this site will be of great benefit to you.

Along with this we plan to bring you flight specials, travel discounts and the likes.

If you’re not interested in any of the above there’s always our flight BLOG.

Aviation Quotes

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Phone Number
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4 Responses to Welcome to Aviation Training

  1. emanuel gasper mangalu says:

    how much it’s cost for cpl and mult-engine if i have 200hrs and ppl

  2. Makopoi Mantwa says:

    there are aviation learnership program that was published i will request more information on the program. if there is one could it be send back to the email address above.

  3. josephine paswavaviri says:

    want to know if you offer aviation courses and also how much for lessons…

  4. Itumeleng says:

    I would like to be a pilot but don’t know how to go about everything.
    I would like to have more information on getting a pilots license

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